Philippines reacted to CBS “negative portrayal” in Madam Secretary

The Philippine Embassy in Washington has reviled what it called a “highly negative portrayal” of the Philippine President in the American TV series “Madam Secretary.”


“Madam Secretary” American TV series

In the CBS political drama’s upcoming scene, the Philippines’ “unconventional new president” Datu Andrada was punched in the face by the female lead character, US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, after displaying wrong behavior toward the top American diplomat.

In a letter to CBS, the Philippine embassy said the depiction “tarnishes the Philippines’ longstanding advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality” as it called the network to make “necessary corrective actions.”

“While Madam Secretary is a work of fiction, it tracks and mirrors current events. It is, therefore, inevitable that its depiction of world leaders will have an impact on how its audience views the real personages and the countries they represent,” the embassy wrote.

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“This highly negative portrayal of our Head of State not only casts doubt on the respectability of the Office of the Philippine President but also denigrated that way our nation navigates foreign affairs. In view of the injurious effects that this program will have on the interests of the Philippines and the Filipino people, the Philippine embassy urgently calls on CBS to take the necessary corrective actions,” it added.

The unconventional Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has produced a foreign policy that veered far from its longtime agreement ally, the Unified States.

Duterte, an admitted womanizer, has been censured for sexually improper comments against women before, including his confession of spanking the bottoms of female cops, staring at the knees of VP Leni Robredo, and catcalling a female reporter amid a press conference.

The episode teaser showed an imaginary Philippine president ogling at the US official. “I clobbered a world leader instead of saving a major regional agreement,” McCord told her husband after the incident.

It was air on March 12, Sunday.